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We’re willing to work with all kinds of musicians in all kinds of styles. Rates for basic tracking

sessions start at $20/hr, and are negotiable depending on the complexity of your project. Whether

it’s full live band recording or smaller multi-tracking sessions, acoustic instruments or MIDI production,

we can realize your project’s full potential. Need extra session players or instruments that you can’t acquire

yourself? We have a roster of affiliated pro players that can step in and lend their experience.

Need a recording to go on-site, outside of a studio? We can mobilize and be wherever you need us to be.

Only available to record at 3 in the morning? ...you get the picture.

Email eric@holophonor.com to book studio time.

Available Equipment:

Microphones:                Studio Interfaces:                            Live Mixers:                                     DAW: 
AKG C414 XL II            Presonus FireStudio Project (3)     Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2             Logic Pro 9
Telefunken M80                                                                   Allen & Heath ZED24
Shure PG81 (2)                                                                    Phonic Powerpod 820                        Plugins:
Shure PG56 (3)            Reference Monitors:                                                                                   Waves
Shure PG52                  Yamaha HS50M (2)                        Guitar and Bass Amps:                      Izotope
Shure SM57 (8)                                                                    Fender Mustang IV 2x12                    Antares
Shure SM 58 (4)                                                                   Gallien-Krueger 400RB-III 1x15         and many, MANY more
MXL 990                                                                               Various others available

                                                                                             Various effect pedals also available

Keyboards:                         Misc.:

Roland RS-50                     Radial Engineering ProD2 DI Box
Korg microKORG                ART HeadAmp6 Headphone Amp

Various others available     Mogami and Monster Cables

If you want/need something specific that you don’t see here, let us know, and chances are we’ll be able to get it for you.

Our large rehearsal room:

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