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Hey, Eric Daino here. I founded Holophonor Records, LLC in the Fall of 2011 as a vehicle for

releasing my own music. Since then we’ve grown quite a bit and most of what we do right now is centered

around The Holophonics. We record everything in my home studio, affectionately known as The Forest Temple,

and last year we released 3 albums, as well as a few music videos.

When we’re not working on music with The Holophonics, we’re available for session work of almost any kind.

In addition to the 6-piece ska/punk group of The Holophonics, we’ve recorded many formats ranging from full Top 40

cover bands, acoustic singer-songwriters, jazz combos, jam bands, prog-metal groups, you name it - recording at the studio

or mobilized to another location. My experience in producing and recording comes from many years of working in a variety of

formal and informal settings, as well as studying with Grammy-winning engineer for Sony, Andreas Meyer. Most importantly though,

I think the music speaks for itself.

So that’s what happens here at Holophonor. Thanks for sticking around

this long, hopefully I’ll see you guys around Denton some time, maybe at a

show, or maybe even in my studio. Don’t hesitate to contact me

about anything at all -

eric@holophonor.com .


Home  |  About  |  Music  |  Studio